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Whether you have a craving for tandoori chicken or are hoping to try dal for the first time, The India Cafe is the perfect place to explore many popular Indian dishes. Here we serve the most delicious and Best Indain Cuisine in Costa Mesa, CA. We've all had those cravings for our favorite Indian foods, whether it's curry, tikka masala, paneer, samosas, or tandoori naan. We've got you covered with our best menu, which changes every day. Sure, every Indian meal option is available here at The India Cafe in Costa Mesa, CA at the best price.

Our Indian restaurant is known for its modern interpretation of classic Indian dishes and its insistence on only using high quality fresh ingredients and authentic Indian spices. Whether you prefer vegetarian or not, you must try our delicious and pure vegetarian entrees. Furthermore, other dishes like chicken tandoori, butter chicken, shrimp biryani, and other mouth-watering dishes are available at The India Cafe in Costa Mesa, CA.

You are sure to enjoy the Best Indian Food in Costa Mesa, CA, and the wonderful ambiance. If you are looking for delicious Indian food, The India Cafe is the perfect match for you. Make a reservation for your dining pleasure with your loved ones to relish the most authentic Indian flavors. Now you can order your food online from our website or do visit The India Cafe in Costa Mesa, CA.
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The Best Family Restaurant in Costa Mesa, CA.

Visit The India Cafe in Costa Mesa, CA to experience Indian delicacies in which we use fresh herbs and the most authentic Indian spices. Our Indian dishes always taste the best and drool you with their immaculate flavors. Here we bring you the Best Indian Cuisine in Costa Mesa, CA, and offer an exceptional experience. So, don’t miss out on our traditional Indian meals and delightful desserts. Visit today!

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